Fabulous Has Beens Jacob Rodriguez 8-0
The Incredibles Ike Caston 6-1
Caucasion Invasion Ryan Wilson 5-3
Pink Bizmuth Randall Wilber 4-2
Lion Trotters Alex Moore 5-4
Fighting Wombats Anthony Gizzard 4-4
Pistols Justin Bozarth 3-6
Black Mamba Rodney Williams 3-6
Staff Infection John Cookman 3-6
Hard in the Paint Peter Akorikin 1-6


Week One

Incredibles   79-45   Trotters

Pistols win forfeit over Teeter Tots

Has Beens   79-61   Invasion

Black Mamba   57-41   Staff Infection

Wombats   45-41   Hard in the Paint

Week Two

Pistols   47-44   Trotters

Invasion   86-47   Wombats

Invasion   68-49   Pistols

Has Beens   94-38   Incredibles

Pink Bizmuth   51-45   Staff Infection

Hard in the Paint   45-37   Black Mamba

Week Three

Lion Trotters   54-53   Wombats

Has Beens   101-69   Pink Bizmuth

Has Beens   118-60   Staff Infection

Invasion   62-38   Pink Bizmuth

Pistols   72-71   Black Mamba

Incredibles   75-40   Hard in the Paint

Week Four

Lion Trotters defeated Staff Infection

Invasion   71-53   Hard in the Paint

Incredibles   69-48   Pistols

Has Beens   85-36   Black Mamba

Pink Bizmuth   52-41   Pistols

Fighting Wombats   48-37   Black Mamba

Week 5

Lion Trotters win forfeit over Pink Bizmuth

Invasion   82-70   Black Mamba

Pink Bizmuth   50-47   Hard in the Paint

Staff Infection   48-46   Fighting Wombats

Incredibles   74-35   Staff Infection

Has Beens   92-63   Lion Trotters

Week 6

Lion Trotters   59-53   Hard in the Paint

Incredibles   67-60   Caucasion Invasion

Pink Bizmuth   72-68   Black Mamba

Staff Infection   59-58   Pistols

Incredibles   82-58   Fighting Wombats

Fabulous Has Beens   62-59   Hard in the Paint

Week 7

March 28 - Monday

Fighting Wombats   77-74   Pistols

Black Mambas   71-68   Lion Trotters 

March 29  -  Tuesday

Lion Trotters def.  Staff Infection

Fighting Wombats def. Caucasion Invasion

Staff Infection won forfeit over Hard in the Paint

Black Mambas won forfeit over Incredibles

Fabulous Has Beens def. Pistols

Week 8

April 4 - Monday:  PLAYOFFS

NCAA Championship Game at 8:00pm (Hence earlier games)

PLAY-IN GAMES in the FLC  (All playoff games will be announced)

5:30  10th Place: Hard In the Paint   -vs-   8th Place: Black Mamba

6:30  9th Place: Staff Infection   -vs-   7th Place: Pistols

April 5 - Tuesday:

Top Two Teams Get Bye this Week


5:30  10-8 Winner   -vs-   6th Place: Fighting Wombats

7:30  9-7 Winner   -vs-   5th Place: Lion Trotters

8:30  10-8-6 Winner   -vs-   4th Place: Pink Bizmuth

9:30  9-7-5 Winner   -vs-   3rd Place: Invasion

Week 9

April 12 - Tuesday


6:00  10-8-6-4 Winner   -vs-   1st Place: Has Beens

7:00  9-7-5-3 Winner   -vs-   2nd Place: Incredibles


8:15  Intramural Championship  (Winner Gets T-Shirts)


SAGU IntramuralsMark "Link" Warde, Director.

Greg Hayes, Assistant Director. Astacia Jones, Crew Chief.