Waxahachie, Texas - October 22, 2014 - Southwestern Assemblies of God University's (SAGU) Cinema Department released the official trailer for Drawing a Blank, its first ever full-length feature film on October 17, 2014. 

Drawing a Blank was written and produced by current SAGU senior Chelsea Groomer. She began writing the script for a course that SAGU professor Rob Price taught in the spring of 2013. He advised her to complete her work because of its potential, and she finished it over the following summer. 

"Ironically, the night before our ideas were due, I had writer's block. It wasn't until I began reading an article about amnesia while watching a mafia-themed episode of Cake Boss, is when I got the idea for Drawing A Blank," Groomer said. "In that tired, 3 a.m. delirious state, I began expounding upon the crazy concept of two amnesia patients being chased by the mafia and FBI in a three-ring circus of comedy. So, ninety-nine pages and a few critique meetings later, Drawing A Blank was chosen for SAGU's first feature length student film."

Drawing a Blank's was shot in 4K, which means that SAGU Cinema production quality is now on par with that of major Hollywood film studios. The image capture creates technical quality, especially when combined with the highly engineered lenses with which the scenes were shot. 

Price served as Executive Producer and selected a handful of upperclassmen to lead the project. They included Chelsea Groomer: Screenwriter, Producer, and First Assistant Director; Ryan Wermich: Director; Ryan Espinosa: Production Designer and Camera Operator; Jonathan Utley: Director of Photography; and Kyla Burke: Casting Director and lead actress. They also lead a 32 person crew to produce the show. Several actors from the SAGU faculty and student body participated in the film, but there was also a large percentage of outside talent. The lead male actor Jacob Dacus came from California to be a part of this film.

"One moment that stood out to us all during the production phase was the day it rained when we had a major warehouse shootout scene planned," Price said. "At first, we weren't sure how to even proceed because it was a torrential downpour. We ended up shooting anyway and absolutely loved the images we captured. The scene needed rain; we didn’t know that, but God did, and He and gave us a wonderful gift that day. That same afternoon, Kyla was so effective in her role when she was grieving over the loss of a slain friend that even our camera operator Ryan Espinosa was moved to the point of tears. We knew in that moment that we were onto something special."

Groomer concluded, "It was incredible to see an idea transform from words on a page, into a reality on the stage. But most of all, I am so thankful and privileged to have worked with such a talented and creative cast and crew. Without their endless hours of hard work, dedication and pure determination, this film would not exist."

For more information, like the Drawing a Blank Facebook page 

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