Israel and Jordan Trip

Join your hosts for an exciting trip through Israel and Jordan. Your hosts will take you on a biblical, historical, and geographical journey through the land.

You will experience Israel and Jordan through the viewpoint of land, language, and culture, of both modern and biblical worlds.

General Information

Important Dates

  • November 17, 2014 - Registration
  • November 21, 2014 - First Payment Due
  • January 5, 2015 - All Monies Due

Contact Information

Larry Hester: cell phone (972-342-5700) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


We are excited to introduce our 14th trip to the Holy Land entitled, Experience Israel & Jordan with SAGU,occurring March 6-15, 2015. During these 10 life-changing days the Bible will come alive as you literally walk where Jesus walked. You will visit Mt. Carmel, Megiddo, and Caesarea by the Mediterranean Sea. While in Galilee we will take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, visit the ancient city of Capernaum, view Galilee from the Mount of Beatitudes, and be baptized in the Jordan River.

We will cross into Jordan and visit Mt. Nebo where Moses viewed the Promise Land. We will tour the incredibly well-preserved ruins of the ancient Roman city of Jerash. After our day visiting the ruins of Petra we will overnight in Aqaba, Jordan on the Red Sea. After crossing back into Israel and taking a tram to explore the mountain fortress of Masada we will swim in the Dead Sea and visit the site of the Qumran scrolls. Our final days will be in Jerusalem where we will ascend and descend the Mount of Olives, site of the Garden of Gethsemane and point of Jesus’ ascension. During our tour of the Old City of Jerusalem we will visit the Temple Mount, pray at the Wailing Wall, and explore the Rabbis Tunnel. A highlight of every trip is a time to receive communion at Gordon’s Calvary with empty tomb.

Israel Group

Consult the attached brochure for additional sites we will visit. We will overnight at the following destinations – our first night in Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Sea, two nights in Tiberius on the beautiful Sea of Galilee with the Golan Heights as a backdrop, two nights in Jordan at Amman and Aqaba, and two nights in Jerusalem, the City of The Great King. Registration is available through the Center for Holy Land Studies at: Click on “Study Trips” or “Study Abroad” and scroll down to Israel and Jordan with SAGU. This should answer many of your questions and has all the downloads, highlights, and information for registration. You also may call the Center for Holy Land Studies at 1-855-700-CHLS(2457) for personal assistance.

Join President Kermit Bridges and myself for this adventure to the Holy Land. This trip is open to any family and friends you may wish to take with you. Just have them register early in order to secure their place on the trip. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. We are encouraging everyone to secure their place on the trip by registering now with the Center for Holy Land Studies at Your initial deposit of $300 guarantees your reservation. We have already made advance reservations with the airlines and secured our hotels in Israel. It is important that all participants register no later than November 17. The first payment is due November 21, and all monies are to be paid in full by January 5, 2015.

I encourage you to prayerfully consider going with us. This trip will be more enjoyable with friends and family accompanying you. You do not have to be a SAGU student or graduate. Usually about half of those on the trip are adults and half students. The healthy blend of students and adults produces an enriching experience for all participants. If I can be of further assistance, then don't hesitate to contact me. You may reach me via cell phone (972-342-5700) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Credit Hours Offered

For those desiring to receive credit, the courses are offered both on the Graduate and Undergrad levels as a three hour course. A 50% tuition discount is available for SAGU students taking this for credit. These Special Studies courses are offered for the Spring Semester and you may pre-register for them in November as follows: SSS – BIBLICAL BACKGROUNDS OF ISRAEL (Graduate: SSS 3713 / Undergraduate: SSS 5713). Our desire is for all students to participate on a trip to the Holy Land, the land of the Bible, during their time at SAGU if at all possible. This trip will enhance your education and make God’s Word more relevant to your life.


  • Day 1 - Friday, March 6
    Depart from the U.S.
  • Day 2 - Saturday, March 7
    Arrive in Israel. Overnight in Tel Aviv/Netanya on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Day 3 - Sunday, March 8
    Caesarea, Mt. Carmel, and Megiddo. Overnight at the Sea of Galilee.
  • Day 4 - Monday, March 9
    Morning boat-ride on the Sea of Galilee, Chorazin, Mt. Beatitudes, Capernaum, Nof Ginnosar, and Jordan River Baptismal.
  • Day 5 - Tuesday, March 10
    Beit Shean, cross into Jordan, Mt. Nebo, and Jerash. Overnight in Amman.
  • Day 6 - Wednesday, March 11
    Petra. Overnight in Akkabah.
  • Day 7 - Thursday, March 12
    Morning border crossing, drive north to Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran, and the Dead Sea (with an option to swim). Overnight in Jerusalem.
  • Day 8 - Friday, March 13
    Yad Vashem, Israel Museum Shrine of the Book Museum/Model, Lunch, Jaffa Gate, Cardo, Genat Gate, Church of the Holy Sepluchre, Wohl Museum, Western Wall, and Tunnels.
  • Day 9 - Saturday, March 14
    Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, St. Ann’s, Southern Wall excavations, and the Garden Tomb. Departure dinner, and evening departure from Ben Gurion airport.
  • Day 10 - Sunday, March 15
    Arrive in the U.S.

Will I Be Safe?

President Kermit Bridges and Dr. Larry Hester are excited about our Holy Land trip Experience Israel & Jordan with SAGU, March 6-15, 2015. We are well aware of the events occurring in Israel during the past several months. This has been a cause of concern for all of us as we pray for the Peace of Israel and the Middle East. For the past 18 years that SAGU has gone to Israel, we have witnessed similar events and our experiences provide the following perspective as we process the news concerning the current conflict:

  1. These events are usually short-lived, lasting 3-4 months and ending in a peace agreement.
  2. Not only do we monitor U.S. State Department travel alerts, but our travel agencies are security conscious with offices in Israel that maintain constant contact with our tour bus and hotels.
  3. We have never felt threatened or been concerned about our safety on any of our previous trips to Israel or Jordan, several of which have occurred in conjunction with prior conflicts in the region. We are confident you will feel safe and secure.
  4. The rocket attacks are nowhere near the Biblical sites we visit or hotels we stay in.
  5. The Center for Holy Land Studies, as well as other travel agencies, have many tour groups in Israel at this present time.

Israel’s Ministry of Tourism Comments

Headlines about Operation Protective Edge can be alarming, but the reality is that: Currently there are thousands of overseas tourists enjoying the attractions, weather and surroundings throughout Israel. Groups and individuals continue to arrive daily and they feel safe and enjoy themselves, according to their testimonials. The Ben Gurion Airport is open and has been operating nonstop. The Israeli Airlines and foreign carriers have maintained their regular flight schedules to and from Israel. Tourism sites, museums, holy places and attractions are open and operating.

Land Agents who plan our Israel/Jordan trips Comments

Life is continuing and calm has returned. Needless to say, tourist sites, museums, holy places and attractions are open and operating as usual. 



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