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Dr. Julia C. Hunt holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Regent University, an M.A. in Communication from Wheaton College, and holds eighteen graduate credits in Cinema-Television directing and producing. She is a producer, director and editor of numerous corporate videos, and music videos.

After earning her B.S. in Mathematics at Oral Roberts University, Julia joined the staff of Senator Jesse Helms in Washington, D.C., learning the legislative process and procedures from a master of the Senate rules. After four and half years in Washington and two years in graduate school in Wheaton, Illinois, Julia worked in the Communications Department of the Metro Chamber of Commerce in Denver, Colorado, developing marketing communication campaigns to promote Denver businesses. In this role, she produced media content for the Chamber’s Business-to-Education Initiative. Interestingly, she had the opportunity to work with NASA in their media campaign for repair of the Hubble Space Telescope, coordinating the visit of Tom Akers, an astronaut who was part of the mission to fix the Hubble Telescope in 1993.

Julie moved back to Washington, DC, in 1994 to work with Representative (Dr.) David Weldon, one of the new congressmen of the historic 104th Congress*. Julia wrote legislation and speeches, and represented Rep. Weldon on the Education and Labor Committee, which drafted major legislation impacting the education and labor communities. Toward the end of the 104th Congress, Julia also worked for Representative Sam Brownback and assisted in his successful election to the U.S. Senate, replacing Senator Bob Dole.

While in Washington, Julia was the Director of Research and Publications for Concerned Women for America, serving as the ghostwriter for Chairman of the Board, Beverly LaHaye, in support of her weekly and monthly columns. She also directed the reorganization of the communication department and streamlined its publications.

After her extensive involvement in communications-related public service roles, Julia began her teaching career in Maryland. She has been fully engaged in higher education teaching for nearly fifteen years, and has gained substantial experience teaching communication and developmental math at numerous colleges and universities.  Julie also pursues professional photography and film projects as time allows.

* The 104th Congress was the first time since 1947 that the Republican Party controlled both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.