North Texas District Council

About North Texas District Council

June 6-9, 2010

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In five years the North Texas District will be 100 years old. During those 100 years we will have sent hundreds of missionaries, started hundreds of churches, and credentialed thousands of ministers. We stand here today because of those who followed the Lord and stepped out in faith to begin a Pentecostal movement in fellowship with the national Assemblies of God. By their work and struggle we now stand equipped with strength, structure, and resources that we did not earn, challenged to finish the work they started.

600 x 100 is the theme of this 95th district council. It establishes a mark that must be attained before we celebrate our 100th birthday, and it means 600 healthy churches by the time we turn 100 years old. Our long term goal is clearly 1000 healthy churches by 2027 or as we call it "Target 1000."

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