Wellness Center

Summer Class Schedule

6:30am Early Bird Spin6:30am Boot CampEarly Bird Spin 
10:00am    H20 Fitness
12:10pm Stretch & Strength Stretch & Strength 
5:00pmH20 Fitness

Cross Training
Hi & Lo CardioH20 Fitness

Cross Training
Hi & Lo CardioSAGU Rec-Life

Class Descriptions

SAGU Spin (45 min)  - This is a spin class with a twist to increase cardiovascular endurance while learning fundamental cycling techniques, riding profiles, and moves to increase strength in the legs and glutes; all performed to the beat of motivational music.

Wet & Wild (45 min) - Build your strength and endurance in this low impact class that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping while toning and strengthening your muscles. No swimming experience required!

Lion Strong (45 min) Challenge yourself to be the fittest you’ve ever been with this intense training program.  The workouts are functional and varied with calisthenics, plyometrics, free weights, bands, and more to train your muscles for the “Lion Strong” test at the end of the semester.  ALL levels (beginner-advanced) welcome! 

Hi & Lo cardio (45 min) - An exercise to music class this is a calorie torching workout. It combines traditional group exercise moves with aerobic dance for a great cardiovascular workout. It's so much fun that it is exercise in disguise.  

Stretch & Strength (45 min) - This class consists of a flowing series of postures, synchronizing the breath with each movement. You will build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance while dissolving tension. 

Mega Muscle (45 min) – This is a full body workout with weights for the beginner as well as the more experienced exerciser. You will train slow twitch muscles to improve your over-all strength, body composition, and flexibility. 

Muscle Madness (45 min)This is a results oriented group strength class that is designed to improve muscular skeletal strength, increase metabolic efficiency, flexibility, balance, coordination, and breathing technique, as well as overall health.  You will train to increase lean muscle.