SAGU provides many institutional scholarships and grants.  The following is important information regarding policies and requirements to receive institutional aid at SAGU.

  • Applications are available on each individual scholarship and grant page.
  • All institutional scholarships and grants are subject to available funding. It is possible for a student to not receive a scholarship/grant that they would have otherwise been eligible to receive simply because there is no more funding available.  Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to receive institutional aid.
  • Students can generally receive more than one institutional scholarship at a time, though some scholarships cannot be combined. Please see each individual scholarship page for details. 
  • Students may only receive one institutional grant at a time.
  • Institutional aid is capped at 100% off tuition for students living on campus in SAGU housing.
  • Institutional aid is capped at 50% off tuition for students living off campus.
  • Special program students (Discipleship Ministries, Engage in Missions and Dual Credit) are not eligible to receive any institutional aid other than their program discount.
  • The maximum discount for doctoral students is 25% off tuition.
  • Students receiving a RA, SMA, Student Congress or Traveling Ministry Group scholarship cannot receive more than 150% off tuition in total institutional aid. 



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