SDE Student Announcements

Attention Graduating Seniors

Congratulations on making it to your last semester! If you are planning on graduating in Fall 2015 and have not yet applied for graduation, please stop by the Registrar’s office located in the Davis building or email by September 8th.

Fall Semester Begins 09.02.2015

It is hard to believe the Fall semester begins in less than a month. If you have already selected courses for the Fall and have approved your bill then classes will open in Blackboard on Wednesday, September 2. If you still need to select courses for the Fall or need to complete the registration process by approving your bill, please login to your mySAGU student portal and complete one or both of these steps. If you have any questions please contact us at or call us at (888) 243-3807.

From the Dean: Making Dreams a Reality

(Part 1) Dreams of grandeur begin at an early age. For some it is an All-Pro quarterback or running back while others dream of becoming a fireman, police officer, soldier, doctor, nurse, teacher, etc. Obtaining a degree is a dream that many adults possess.   Have you found yourself in a place where you know you need additional training and preparation to become all God wants you to be?  Here is something to consider.      Involve God in Your Dream As you endeavor to discover what to do with your life, you must believe that God in his infinite wisdom desires the best for us. His best and our best may not match until we begin to view life with His eyes, seeing situations as He does. Before you take the step of continuing your education, ask God to provide you with direction and clarity about the entire process. A sense that God is in your decision is a powerful motivator which causes students to persist in the journey when quitting would be the easiest way out in times of adversity. Allow God to begin to shape your dreams into reality. (Part 2) As you continue to strive toward your goals and dreams remember to involve God and allow Him to shape them into reality. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you and show you the next steps you should take. Once you have opened yourself for direction then this next part is critical for your success.   Believe in Yourself We all know people who think too much of themselves, but I do not think this is the norm. I think most adults have areas of confidence, but by and large are intimidated with change and things with which they are unfamiliar. I suspect that as you are working toward your degree, you have already heard something like the following, “Are you crazy?”, “How are you going to find time to go back to school?”, “Aren’t you a little old to go to college?”, “What are you tying to prove?”, etc.  Obviously, these are not the types of phrases which build confidence.   Successful students overcome feelings of inadequacy and self-defeat. See what you are doing as a testimony to the world of what can be accomplished when a person is called by God to accomplish something for His glory. Maybe it is a spouse, co-worker or child who is watching you, but there is someone watching who needs to see you succeed. Buy into your own dream and accomplish something great and worthy of honor.

Important Dates

Mark Your Calendar! September 2 - Library Fall Hours BeginSeptember 2 - Fall Courses BeginSeptember 7 - Labor Day SAGU Offices Open & Classes in SessionSeptember 8 - Last Day to Add a CourseSeptember 11 - Last Day for Book VouchersSeptember 11 - Online Course Enrollment Verification DueSeptember 24 – Credentialing DaySeptember 29 - Summer Incompletes EndOctober 2 - Online Course Progress Report #1 DueOctober 8-9 - HomecomingOctober 16-19 - Fall Break October 19 - SAGU Offices Closed for Fall Break

Introducing Panopto

Starting this Fall, SAGU has moved to a new lecture delivery platform called Panopto.  For returning students, finding and watching lectures for your courses has changed very little from our previous system (Tegrity).  Panopto offers most of the features students enjoyed with Tegrity, and we will be releasing more information and documentation on how to use Panopto as we get closer to the beginning of the semester.

Welcome to the current distance education students page for Southwestern Assemblies of God University, a private Christian university in Texas.