P.C. Nelson Distinguished Alumnus Award

P.C. Nelson Distinguished Alumnus Award is awarded to an alumni who has achieved prominence in a particular field of service and demonstrated outstanding loyalty and service to SAGU.


  • Individual who has attended SAGU or one of the founding Institutes at least one year
  • All Administrators/Faculty may be considered with at least ten years service
  • An individual of integrity, stature, ability and renown
  • Continued interest in SAGU and the Alumni Association through Contributed time, talent, money to one or more SAGU programs
  • Distinguished in his/her chosen life work
  • Reflects in deed and/or action the importance of his/her Christian Education at SAGU

Eligible: Any Alumni in good standing, SAGU Administration/Staff/Faculty

Ineligible: Elected officers of the Alumni Association, member of Awards Committee, or has been a student of SAGU within the previous 10 years.

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Distinguished Alumnus Service Award


  • Individual who exemplifies the spirit, philosophy and vision of SAGU
  • Has or is presently demonstrating outstanding, dedicated, faithful service to SAGU beyond the call of duty
  • Reflects his/her Christian Faith in work and deed
  • Demonstrates pride, interest, participation and loyalty to his/her Alma Mater
  • Integrity and stature so that SAGU will be proud of this recognition
  • Demonstrates continuing interest in SAGU by contributing time, talents, or money to benefit SAGU
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Distinguished Faculty Award

Distinguished Faculty Award is bestowed upon a faculty member in recognition of notable service in his/her academic field, community, state, nation or unusual performance in the classroom.



  • Individual who has taught at SAGU for 10 or more years
  • Has contributed to religious/secular education: written articles, papers, books which merit recognition; has done significant research in their field; composed hymns, songs or musical pieces or received renown in the music field; or made significant contribution to the Arts, Sciences, Religion or other areas and received wide recognition
  • Received/Earned merit awards from the church, educational societies, Communities, states or nation.
  • Unusual acclaim for performance in the classroom.
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Honorary Alumnus Award


  • Individual who did not attend SAGU
  • Individual of such integrity, stature, and ability that Administration/Faculty/Staff/Alumni will appreciate the recognition.
  • Has manifested interest in SAGU and the Alumni Association and contributed time, talent or money to benefit the University.
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