Date2014-15 OpponentLocationTime/ResultMedia Coverage
11/4 Dallas Christian College Richardson W, 73-32   
  SAGU Classic  (4 teams)      
11/7 Univ. of the Southwest vs SAGU SAGU
W, 81-51
 Live Stats
11/8 St. Thomas vs SAGU SAGU L, 52-55  Live Stats 
11/11 Paul Quinn College Dallas PQ Forfeit  
  Oklahoma Wesleyan Classic      
11/14 Oklahoma Wesleyan University  Bartlsvl, Ok L, 50-82  
11/15 Indiana Wesleyan University  Bartlsvl, Ok L, 37-46  
11/20 Paul Quinn College SAGU W, 93-48  
11/25 Houston Baptist University (Exhib.) Houston L, 85-57  
12/2 Jarvis Christian College SAGU W, 62-56  
12/4 Mid-America Christian Univ* (Ok) Moore,Ok W, 67-61 Video, Live Stats
12/6 Univ of Science & Arts* (Ok) SAGU L, 66-46  
12/15 Arlington Baptist College SAGU W, 76-71  
1/3 Univ. of St. Thomas (played @ Aldine HS) Houston W, 66-60 OT  
1/6 Jarvis Christian College Hawkins W, 74-62  
1/8 St. Gregory's Univ* (Ok) SAGU L, 61-65  Video, Live Stats 
1/10 Wayland Baptist Univ* Plainview L, 71-60  
1/15 Oklahoma Baptist Univ* Shawnee, Ok L, 92-40  
1/17 John Brown Univ* (Ark) SAGU L, 52-43  Video, Live Stats
1/19 Dallas Christian College SAGU W, 95-54  Video, Live Stats
1/22 Okla. City Univ* OKC, Ok L, 43-94  
1/24 Southwestern Chr. Univ* (Ok) Bethany, Ok L, 82-52  
1/29 Texas Wesleyan Univ* SAGU L, 57-72  Video, Live Stats 
1/31 Mid-America Christian Univ* (Ok) SAGU L, 68-72  Video, Live Stats 
2/5 Southwestern Chr. Univ* (Ok) SAGU W, 68-65  Video, Live Stats 
2/7 Wayland Baptist Univ* SAGU L, 60-84  Video, Live Stats 
2/12 Oklahoma Baptist Univ* SAGU L, 46-64  Video, Live Stats 
2/14 St. Gregory's Univ* Shawnee, OK W, 49-44  
2/19 Univ of Science & Arts* (Ok) Chickasha, Ok L, 75-55  
2/21 John Brown Univ* (Ark) Siloam Spgs, Ark L, 55-61  Live Video & Stats
2/26 Oklahoma City Univ* (Ok) (Senior Day) SAGU L, 44-87  Video, Live Stats 
2/28 Texas Wesleyan Univ* Ft. Worth W, FORFT  
  *Sooner Athletic Conference game      
3/4 John Brown University- Round 1 SAC Tournament OKC, Ok L, 81-53  
3/15-17 NCCAA Central Regional TBA    
3/12    Mid-America Christian University    W, 65-64  
3/13    Southwestern Christian (Championship)    L, 54-63  
3/17-21 NCCAA National Championship Winona Lake Ind
3/18      Lee University  Winona Lake, Ind  L, 75-52  
       University of Northwestern- St. Paul    W, 66-39  
       Grace College    W, 51-47  
  MEDIA COVERAGE - To Be Announced      
  STV - HD Video of hm gms by SAGU TV  
  Video - Livestream available (free or PPV)      
  LS - LiveStats.  LiveStats link below      
  Number to the left of team is their NAIA National Ranking      
  RV - Receiving Votes in NAIA Poll, but not ranked in Top 25      


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