Hal Noah was born on September 23, 1907 in Marysville, Iowa to David and Ola Noah. He grew up in Consol, Iowa, a mining town, as his dad was a miner. H.C. Noah received Christ as his savior at about the age of 20 at a Pentecostal meeting and was baptized in the Holy Spirit about 18 months later.

H.C. Noah met a young evangelist, Dorothy Tubbs, in a church “Camp Meeting” in 1931. They fell in love and were married on February 3, 1932. They then had their first pastorate in Eddyville, Iowa. With feeling the need for greater education, he attended Southwestern Bible School in Enid, Oklahoma in 1936. While there he served as pastor of Covington-Garber Oil Field Church. During time at Southwestern he suffered serious heart problems and was told he would probably die. He asked the Lord for seven more years, and often said in his later years that he was glad God did not honor that prayer exactly as he prayed.

Around 1940, the Noahs moved to Rock Island, Illinois to pastor. Then in 1945, they received the call from Oak Cliff Assembly of God in Dallas, Texas. That move began a love relationship between the Noahs and their congregation that continued until their deaths. During their pastorate they saw the church grow tremendously in size, faith, love, and facilities. Oak Cliff Assembly of God became known as one of the leading churches in the Assemblies of God.

Dorothy Noah was renowned as a great cook, and hostess. She also taught the Ladies Class for many years. She wrote a weekly column for the church newsletter called “Chit-Chat”, which is currently being republished weekly in John Hall’s Oak Cliff News.

H.C. Noah was a leader in bringing some of the great tent crusades to Dallas, including Jack Coe, David Nunn, Gordon Lindsay, and Oral Roberts. He served as Pastor to David Nunn and Gordon Lindsay, two men who ministered to millions of people during their careers. His other services include the Assemblies of God World Missions Board for three years; and positions of leadership with many church, educational, and ministry organizations. He was also given the honor of being the General Council speaker in 1975. He also had a radio broadcast ministry for 33 years which led many people to the Lord. 

Notable Quotes

“I worked many years as a Deacon with H.C. Noah as my Pastor. I can truly say I never met a more godly man.”
 - Sam Monzingo

“Pastor H.C. has been an inspiration and mentor to me and many others. The Noah Scholarship will continue Pastor Noah’s mentorship in the lives of your leaders.”
 - Tom Wilson, Ph.D.

“The anointed and loving ministry of Brother and Sister Noah is still bearing much fruit today. Our family and a multitude of others will forever be impacted by their excellent ministry.”
 - Kay January McCrary

“No one has made a greater impact on my development as a minister of the gospel than Rev. H.C. Noah. Bro. Noah was widely admired and respected for his passion for souls, his godly lifestyle and his desire to help and encourage young ministers. His influence permeates my life to this day as I often ask myself in moments of decision, “what would Bro. Noah do in this case?”
- Pastor George H. Sawyer

“Grandpa and Grandma Noah played a special part in the lives of our family after my Daddy, their son, was killed in an automobile accident. They touched everyone they met with a special love, but no one more than our family.”
 - Jill Pearson

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