Born in 1935, James K. Bridges was called at an early age to be a voice in his generation. Little did he know the influence he would have leading thousands of students of Southwestern as well as the fellowship of the Assemblies of God worldwide.

James’ early days of ministry found him preaching at youth services and doing street ministry in Houston. While involved in this, James met Joyce Sterling who also was part of the street ministry team. The couple would later marry and begin their ministry together. James and Joyce moved to Waxahachie to attend Southwestern Bible Institute in order to become better equipped for ministry. Joyce’s parents had attended Southwestern previously, beginning what would become for her a family heritage of four generations of Southwestern students.

It was at Southwestern that they both developed a passion for God’s Word and a burden for Southwestern. M.E. Collins, the President of Southwestern at the time the Bridges were attending, told James once, “Don’t let this school ever lose its place as an institution devoted to the Word of God.” James and Joyce took these words to heart. Whether James was leading as a Vice-President or Chairman of the Board at Southwestern or later in his leadership positions within the Assemblies of God, the couple remained committed to Southwestern and God’s Word.

Dr. and Mrs. Bridges never stopped supporting the school through prayer, continued leadership influence, as well as giving generously to the development of the school. “We’ve had this prayer though the years, Lord, help us to find a way to make a significant gift, to make a good contribution.” - Dr. James K. and Joyce Bridges.

Notable Quotes

"He’s a terrific friend and the most gracious Christian gentleman you’d ever want to meet…His rock solid identity is that this Assemblies of God church must be grounded in scripture."
- George O. Wood, General Superintendent

"He’s a student of the word and if you’ve ever heard him preach, that comes across clear."
- Thomas Trask

"They have this ability to make you feel you are the only people in the whole world."
- Charles Crabtree

Summary of Ministry

  • Born in 1935 in Houston, Texas
  • Began ministry in 1952
  • Southwestern Bible Institute Class President 1956
  • Southwestern Missions Association President 1957
  • Inducted into Delta Epsilon Chi 1958
  • Graduated with honors, Southwestern Bible Institute 1958
  • Ordained June 1958
  • Pastored Lisbon Assembly in Dallas, TX 1959-1960
  • Secretary of Greater Dallas Full Gospel Fellowship 1959-1960
  • Pastored First Assembly of God Greenville, TX 1960-1965
  • Presbyter of Greenville Section 1960-1965
  • President of Greenville  Ministers Association 1964-1965
  • Pastored Seneca Assembly of God Wichita, KS (church now called Colonial Heights) 1965-1967
  • President of Wichita, KS Ministers Association 1966-1967
  • Pastored University Assembly, Waxahachie, TX 1967-1968
  • Vice-President of Academic Affairs  1968-1971
  • Pastored University Assembly, Waxahachie, TX 1971-1977
  • President of Waxahachie Ministers Association 1972-1973
  • Ellis County United Way Chairman 1973-1974
  • President of Community Chest Fund Drive 1974-1975
  • President of Waxahachie Lions Club 1975
  • Member of Southwestern Board of Regents 1975-1977, 1981-2010
  • Assistant Superintendent of North Texas District 1977-1981
  • Superintendent of North Texas District 1981-1993
  • Chairman of the Board of Regents, Southwestern Assemblies of God College 1987-1993
  • PC Nelson Award Recipient, Southwestern Assemblies of God College 1990
  • Doctorate of Divinity, Southwestern Assemblies of God College 1991
  • General Treasurer, Assemblies of God 1993-2008
  • Honorary North Texas District General Presbyter - 2008
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