George & Anna Brazell ScholarshipDr. George Brazell, 82, went to his heavenly reward on July 12, 2001 in De Leon, TX. In 1955, Brazell came to Southwestern to serve as Vice President for Public Relations, where he directed student recruitment, promotions, and fund raising for major projects such as the P.C. Nelson Memorial Library. Brazell's tenure at Southwestern also resulted in a lifelong affection with the students of that era.

George Brazell said the following: "Southwestern is an educational institution of higher learning, but it is also a place dedicated to God for the training of young people to be soul winners in whatever vocation they may have chosen."

An ordained minister, Dr. Brazell spent over 60 years in ministry, including 35 years in higher education, 23 years in instruction and 12 years in administration. A noted public speaker, Brazell ministered in summer camps for 32 years and was especially known for his unique humor and rapport with young people. Through the years his heart's burning passion remained in education for youth.

Anna Mae Foster Brazell was born June 18, 1921 in Sedan, New Mexico. She "moved to Heaven" on November 14, 2009 of natural causes. She did not die of any particular disease. She simply completed the race that was set before her. She gave all she had to give and did all God planned for her to do.

George & Anna Brazell ScholarshipAnna's parents were Leonard D. Foster and Berta E. Payton. She had a brother, Riley P. Foster who was concert pianist, until his hand was broken by a fall from a horse. Riley then became a cardiovascular surgeon and was a member of Dr. Michael DeBakey's original heart transplant team.

Anna met her husband, George, at Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee. George was in a work study program. He worked in the college kitchen washing dishes. Anna's roommate was on a work study program as well. It was her job to dry the dishes. Anna's roommate was frequently ill so Anna would fill in for her.
Anna was 16 and George was 18 when they convinced their parents that it was God's will for them to marry. Anna and George were married for 62 years until George passed to heaven in 2001.

Anna and George worked as a team throughout their lives. They pastored churches; taught and administered in three colleges; plus developed seminars on marriage which they taught together. Anna was a professional photographer. She taught journalism, photography and English.

Anna and George purchased the Brazell family farm after both of George's parents moved to Heaven. They acquired some of the surrounding farmland creating a 300-acre farm and ranch. After George moved to Heaven, Anna continued to manage the property until she was 87 years old.

George & Anna Brazell Scholarship Recipients

Notable Quotes

"The love, joy, and faith of the Brazells did much to shape my life and ministry. They have made it possible for scores of men and women to stand on their shoulders to touch our wounded world. I love them deeply and thank God daily for the joy of having had them in my life."
- Ron Hembree, President of CTVN

"I know of no two people who have had a greater interest in students than George and Anna Brazell. Their encouragement to me personally always inspired me to reach my God-given potential."
- Dr. Alton Garrison, Assistant General Superintendent

"George and Anna Brazell mentored and influenced hundreds of students during their years at SAGU and were enthusiastic and active supporters of the university. An investment in the Brazell Scholarship Fund continues this couple's amazing legacy of selfless investment in the next generation of Christian leaders."
- Dr. Kermit Bridges, President of SAGU

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