Isabelle left Hagerstown, MD in 1937, not quite 18 years old, to travel to Texas to attend Shield of Faith Bible Institute with the intent of being a missionary to Africa. During her time there, Isabelle returned home only once.

Isabelle quickly became busy at Shield of Faith. She worked in the Bookstore; was Assistant Bookkeeper in the Main Office, being in charge of all student accounts & billing; taught Business classes, including Shorthand; coached Girls’ Basketball two or three times per week; and filled in as “acting nurse on duty” when needed by an ailing student. Other responsibilities included: Class Editor, Secretary-Treasurer of the Missions Africa Group, Literary Club President, Class Vice President, and Student Teacher. Soon Graduation Day came - May 24, 1940.

Upon turning his life over to the Lord, Ed’s hunger in spiritual matters grew rapidly. God had a Pastor in Hagerstown, MD, Ralph Jeffries, who was willing to nurture the lives of young people in the truth of the Word. Bro. Jeffries took Ed “under his wing” and encouraged his “hunger and thirst” for the things of the Lord. As Ed matured spiritually, he knew that God was calling him to full-time ministry. He enrolled in and completed the Berean Bible Correspondence Course as well as continued his tutelage under Pastor Jeffries.

Their mutual involvement in the church in Hagerstown had brought Ed and Isabelle together. They kept their connection alive via letter writing while Isabelle was at Shield of Faith.

Wedding bells rang on April 15, 1941. From then on, Ed and Isabelle were totally submitted to following God’s direction in ministry. They were both committed to intercessory prayer, which was evident to all who knew them.

Ed’s “Ordination” took place at the North Carolina District Council on March 6, 1947. Isabelle received her “Exhorters” credentials in 1940; her “License” credentials in 1945; and, her “Ordination” at the Potomac District Council on July 11, 1978.

Throughout his years of pastoral ministry, Ed served churches in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. There were also seasons of time when he was on the evangelistic field. In addition to his pastorates, Ed took on the responsibilities of being a Sectional Presbyter in the Potomac District for many years. In mid-1986, he was elected an Honorary Presbyter.

Isabelle was also heavily involved with the Potomac District as well, including a variety of roles at the Camp Grounds as well as in Women’s Ministries. Isabelle assisted with the Potomac District “Women’s Missionary Council” before being elected to that position, District Women’s Ministries Director, in 1965. She was still in that role when the Lord called her home. While District WM Director, Isabelle served on the national level as the Secretary-Treasurer for the National WM Director Fellowship.

Throughout the years, Ed and Isabelle spent many hours counseling, mentoring youth, encouraging military personnel and families, and supporting Home Missions pastors and wives. The passion for the lost that they shared kept the “missionary vision” at the forefront of their ministry.

Notable Quotes

“As we look back over the years, we see such wisdom shown by Bro. & Sis. Haupt in not just ‘doing’, but in their training and mentoring others.”
  - Alton and Barbara Hinson, Pastors of Faith Fellowship AG

“As Ralph Jeffries had mentored Ed Haupt, and Ed & Isabelle mentored me, so their legacy is now reaching into young lives at SAGU to enable them to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth.”
- Obie Harrup, Jr., Retired AG Pastor and Missionary

“The Haupts were both dedicated ministers who loved God, people, and each other with all their hearts.”
- Chaplain Sam and Norma Rust, Headlight in Trucking Ministries

“She was truly a special, godly woman who encouraged us in our ministry and impacted our individual lives….She was a beautiful example of all a godly woman should aspire to be.”
- Aleda Swartzendruber, Retired Editor, AG National WM Dept.

“Isabelle Haupt was a gentle, Southern lady who loved her Lord with all her heart and she so enjoyed working for Him.”
- Jenell Ogg Mueller, Formerly of the National WM Dept.

Edward and Isabelle Haupt Gallery


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